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Brain connectivity as well as another network systems have been visually investigated using the known symbols of graph theory. The widely spread node-edge method, has marked a tendency into the scope of network representations in different research fields.
This project is part of a study that builds up a theoretical-grounded analysis by taking concepts from different points of view and introduce a novel aesthetical approach to visualize and explore complex data sets.
These images show a neuronal data set which represents a bank of information stillunknown, in process to be understood and, for this reason, in – visible to the human gaze.

Visualización de sets de datos neuronales / Neuronal Data Visualization

Visualización interactiva desarrollada con Unity 3d y presentada en un entorno de realidad mixta.

Interactive visualization developed with Unity 3d and shown in a mixed reality environment


* Neuroscience Application developed at SPECS,  Universidad Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain

Supervisor Alberto Betella.

  • Keywords
    3D, art, data visualization, installation, neurons, research, science.
  • Supervisor
    Alberto Betella.
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